Canvas Collections

On this page, you'll find the options for a wall package. These are canvas print packages and all photos come mounted on 3/4' standouts.

How to place an order: find the package you like best, go back to your online gallery and write down the file names of the photos you'd like in your package. Come back to this page and open up an order form beneath the package you want. Once you have written the file names of the photos beneath it's appropriate spot based on the size you want that photo printed, (Ex: Beneath the line with the size 16x24, I would write IMG_0034 if that's the image I want in the 16x24 size print). I will confirm with you that I have all of your images correct and then I will begin placing the order.

NOTE**These are funny sized prints, and sometimes I have to do some special cropping or adding to your images in photoshop to fit these sizes so that nobody loses an arm, leg or head, but that is the benefit of ordering through your photographer!**

The Bundles



The windmills



The Quads




The triptychs