Some Things Never Change

       My career officially began in 1992 in Tyler, TX when I asked for a camera to take photos of the imaginary kids I had with my very real childhood husband, Jonathan Taylor Thomas.  All 8 of our children looked suspiciously like my annoyed baby sister on camera, but Johnny was stuck filming The Lion King so that he could provide for our large family, bless his heart, and he would've missed all our kid's milestones had I not been there to capture them so...I basically take credit for all of his early successes.

       I grew up and my love affair with JTT ended (amicably, for the sake of our children, of course), but my love affair with the camera was only just beginning. I went to college in NYC before graduating from theater and film school in Dallas. During those years of almost complete immersion in digital and performing arts, I was fortunate enough to collaborate with some of the most inspiring and visually creative talent on planet earth. 

     My favorite collaboration, however, occurred when I met a cute boy in a coffee shop. Cute boy was tall and played a mean guitar. I married cute boy, had 2 babies with cute boy and we established a home in Frisco, TX where we hope to grow old together. 

     Other than those things though, not much else has changed since 1992. My clothing style is still *casual chic*,  my little sister still hates being photographed, and I still secretly want to be besties with Mary-Kate & Ashley. 


Meet my tribe.

Our darling Ellie came to this earth an old, wise and intuitive soul. She is here to teach me things, of that I have no doubt. Our big dimpled Weston is hilarious, witty and astutely observational. He is the modern day kid from Jerry McGuire (without the script and paycheck unfortunately). Last but not least, meet my baby-faced husband. He hasn't aged a day since I met him as a 26 year old guy in an Uptown Dallas Starbucks close to a decade ago. He loves me at my best and somehow manages to love me at my worst. Or so he says. God bless the man! 

Family members not in the photo but equally loved: 1 dog, 2 cats, 2 hermit crabs, 1 parakeet and 24 species of freshwater fish in a 50 gallon aquarium.