Sweatpants, Coffee and 'shoot'mas

         Nothing gets me more excited than coming home after a session, throwing on my fancy sweatpants and sitting down at my computer with a memory card full of fresh photos of beautiful faces. While I'm taking the photos, I'm mainly concerned about the technical/manual/compositional aspect of the shots and stay primarily in my viewfinder only checking my preview screen when the exposure and scenery change. For that reason, I don't get to review every single shot I take which means sitting down to edit feels like Christmas morning! My husband coined the term 'shoot'mas to describe the blissful first hour after a session when I rush home and shut my office door to prepare sneak peeks. When it's 'shoot'mas around our house, it's understood that mom is not to be bothered except for the delivery of hot coffee. In those moments of 'Shoot'mas joy, I get to see the technical and emotional aspects of a session come together for the first time and I absolutely live for it. It also doesn't hurt that Texas is full of the greatest people on earth--in fact, meeting new families and making new friends is just as fun as delivering the end result. If my clients feel like they can't text me and ask me to join them for a margarita, I've not done my job! I hope to meet you and yours soon. Merry 'Shoot'mas, ya'll!  


Meet my tribe.

Our darling Ellie came to this earth an old, wise and intuitive soul. She is here to teach me things, of that I have no doubt. Our big dimpled Weston is hilarious, witty and astutely observational. He is the modern day kid from Jerry McGuire (without the script and paycheck unfortunately). Last but not least, meet my baby-faced husband. He hasn't aged a day since I met him as a 26 year old guy in an Uptown Dallas Starbucks close to a decade ago. He loves me at my best and somehow manages to love me at my worst. Or so he says. God bless the man!