Family | Natural Light | The Stansberry Family

        Meet Jessie, Craig, Braden and Quinn. Couldn't you just squeal at how beautiful they are?! This was actually a pretty rare 8:00 am morning session and we really lucked out because there were just enough clouds in the sky keeping that bright morning sun at bay while we quickly snapped a few photos in the open field. It was also bitterly cold and crazy windy but  the show went on because these folks were serious troopers! Plus, the wind gave me some great hair shots to work with! I mean, c'mon, Jessie has a head full of hair that movie stars would envy! Craig played baseball for the San Diego Padres (how cool is that?!) and Jessie is as golden as they come. Together, they make the sweetest couple and produce the most gorgeous children! Holy moly are their children cutie pies! Jessie also happens to be the author of an extremely popular mommy blog that you may have heard of called Berry Sweet Baby. I've had the pleasure and honor of photographing this family since 2012 and it has been such a treat getting to know them and being front row as their family grows (literally!). I'm still hoping for one more chance to photograph a Stansberry newborn, but we'll see what the future holds! ;) Enjoy this session and don't forget to turn on the music if you'd like while browsing! 

Family | Client's Home | The Martin Family

        Meet the Martin men and their leading lady, Janell. Mom and dad have their hands full being boy parents to 3 sweet little dudes, but in a matter of months, these boys will be welcoming a new, strange looking species into their lives. This thing will be wearing a bow and possibly something pink because after 3 boys, JANELL IS HAVING A GIRL!  I wish I could be a fly on the wall in this household as the boys adjust to life with their new baby sister. Although, I must say, these 3 boys were so sweet and gentle. Janell could have 5 more if they were all like these sweethearts! This session was extra fun and unique because we took these in the backyard of their BEAUTIFUL new home--not kidding, the house is STUNNING and they had just moved in a week prior to our session! Super mom award, anyone? The boys were all so relaxed and comfortable in their own environment and that always makes my job so much easier! Congrats to this beautiful family on their new home and a new llittle thing called a girl!