Family | Natural Light | The Penchan + Smith Families

          Meet Mary and her two amazing daughters, Lindsay and Becky. Both of her daughters are beautiful, super sweet, super smart and extremely successful women. WHAT'S YOUR SECRET MARY? Kudos to Mary and the late Mr. Smith on a job well done! Lindsay is a dentist so if you're looking for one, she comes HIGHLY recommended. Proof that beautiful women can also have brains! She is married to super fun, super sweet Hal, so she is now a Penchan. Together, they welcomed Adley--yes, that baby with the most outrageous eyes/eyelashes you've ever seen! Adley's cousin, Tres--yes, that toddler with the most outrageously perfect hair you've ever seen, belongs to gorgeous Becky! I may or may not be slightly jealous of her physique! Anyways, Tres is ALL BOY and let me tell you right now... girls, that kid is a future heart breaker! Heck, he's a current heart breaker! Do you see the way he looks into that camera? I adore this family! These were taken at White Rock Lake at sunset and it was a spectacularly pretty evening! Enjoy the session!