Family | Natural Light | The Hangartner Family

                  Meet Jarod, Hayley and Davis! First of all, take a moment and get your swooning out of the way for little Davis. Those eyes just pierce your soul, don't they?! This kid is one energetic little ham and it's always so much fun photographing him! This was my second time to photograph this family. Last time we had a session, Davis was still crawling! Time just flies by...but like the first session, he wasn't the least bit shy no matter how close I got to his handsome little face with my giant lens. He was also so sweet to his pretty momma...and If you can believe it, Hayley is actually pregnant (doesn't she look fantastic?!) and she won't be outnumbered for long! A beautiful baby GIRL will be arriving in early 2015 and she will surely be spoiled rotten! Congrats to the Hangartner family--just one more amazing family I get to watch grow up before my very eyes! Enjoy this session and don't forget to turn on the music if you'd like to hear a sweet tune while you browse!