Maternity | Natural Light | The Miller Family

           This maternity session was such a treat! Gorgeous Ashley chose the most beautiful outfit colors for this time of the year and it so adorably accentuated her perfect little baby bump AND the weather was beyond perfection for December in Texas--you never what you're going to get this time of year. So let's see... beautiful outfits? Check! Weather? Check! A stunning family? Check check check! He didn't fall for any of my tricks that make the little ones laugh--he was too smart! Luckily, I have yet to meet a child who won't accept a few skittles in return for some smiles and after an entire bag, he was as silly and playful as you'd expect! Once his dad pulled out the football, there was no stopping him! David and Ashley are expecting another little bundle of blue so it looks like this momma will be spending many a Saturday at a ball field! David, Ashley and big brother Landon are picture perfect, literally, so enjoy this featured session!